Make stronger connections.

Enroll qualified students and develop partnerships with employers.

GlobalHealth connects you with career-minded adult learners, pre-qualifies potential students, and supports the growth of your online degree programs.

Attract and graduate more qualified students while building stronger relationships with healthcare employers.

Improve student outcomes while growing your programs.

For healthy online program growth, you need to do more than attract students; you need to attract the right students — working professionals invested in improving their careers.  

Through our partnerships with healthcare employers, we can access a larger, more-qualified and motivated cohort of potential students. The result is lower attrition rates, more graduates, and improved outcomes for your students and your programs. 

Boost program visibility and performance.

Connecting with qualified students outside of your region or geographical area is a challenge every university and online program faces. 

By partnering with GlobalHealth, you’ll increase brand awareness, gain access to a growing portfolio of potential students, develop a larger network for clinical and job placement opportunities, and ultimately extend the reach of your alumni network.

Enhance your student support resources.

Reach your ideal students through personalized program-matching. At GlobalHealth we are staffed to bolster your enrollment initiatives while providing expert guidance throughout the learning experience — from enrollment through graduation.

Our student support team understands the professional and educational needs of healthcare professionals. It’s a unique combination that allows us to deliver unbiased guidance that is tailored to the needs of each learner. 

Group of nurses walking to clinical.
Nurse works to complete her coursework in an office.
Nurse works with elderly patient during clinical.
Increase your enrollment.

Reach and enroll more active healthcare professionals who are ready to learn. Gain access to a larger, more qualified, and motivated student cohort for lower attrition rates.

Connect with the right students.

Connect with, prequalify, and support students to improve retention. Enrolling students is important, but graduates are what really matters. Our recruitment and student support teams provide personalized coverage from enrollment through graduation.

Improve your network.

Improve your nationwide network for clinical and job placement. Utilize our partnerships with employers across the United States to give your students more options to complete their clinicals and find jobs.

Growing opportunities.

79% ​of Millennial Nurses

Are planning to pursue higher education to boost their salaries (as well as 57% of Gen X Nurses).


Students in accelerated RN-to-BSN nursing programs experience lower attrition rates than in traditional programs.