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Health Education Transformed

Keypath Education created GlobaHealth Education, to give people looking to up-skill or take the next step in their career, a set of resources dedicated to help them choose the best option. Keypath Education has a rich history working with universities to deliver online courses in critical areas that will help solve some of our greatest social and economic challenges. Some of Keypath Education's credentials include:

30k+ Students Helped  

8+ Years Operating

50+ Online Courses

300+ Subjects Covered

Latest Resources

  • Courses
There are many high-paying jobs in healthcare and postgraduate study can be the bridge for health professionals to move into higher-paying roles in the industry.
Courtney Edwards
Updated on 19/04/2024
  • Health & Medical Sciences
Become a general practitioner and make a difference in primary healthcare.
GlobalHealth Education
Updated on 12/04/2024
  • Study
What are university rankings, how do they work and are they helpful to prospective students? We dive into the world of university ranking systems.
GlobalHealth Education
Updated on 04/04/2024
  • Health & Medical Sciences
Thinking about dentistry as a career choice? Discover the vital role of dentists in the healthcare sector.
GlobalHealth Education
Updated on 28/03/2024
  • Health & Medical Sciences
Match your talents and interests with the health career that’s right for you with our career quiz.
GlobalHealth Education
Updated on 22/03/2024
  • Leadership & Management
Thinking about a career in healthcare leadership? We uncover potential roles, explore opportunities and challenges and give you a road map for success.
GlobalHealth Education
Updated on 15/03/2024
  • Social Work
Everything you need to know about social work field education placement before you embark on your course.
GlobalHealth Education
Updated on 08/03/2024
  • Health & Medical Sciences
Embark on a career as a radiologist and influence patient care through advanced imaging expertise.
GlobalHealth Education
Updated on 01/03/2024
  • Counselling
How is the role of a counsellor different to that of a psychologist? While there are synergies between the two, there are key differences to be aware of.
GlobalHealth Education
Updated on 23/02/2024
  • Health & Medical Sciences
Learn how to be a nutritionist and help transform lives through healthy diet and lifestyle choices.
GlobalHealth Education
Updated on 05/02/2024