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About Us

Empowering solutions for health and social care education

GlobalHealth Education by Keypath Education is designed to connect students, universities, and employers to what they need most. It’s a synergistic relationship that empowers healthcare professionals, improves online education, and build workforce talent and retention across a number of countries.

GlobalHealth Education provides tools and information to help professionals choose a course that suits their specific needs. 

Who we are

GlobalHealth Education, powered by Keypath Education is designed help you choose the right health or social care course to match your interests and aspirations. With so many options available it can be hard to figure out what is important. The site is designed to give you clear information on what makes each course unique, combined with advice on how to choose, so you can decide what is best for you.

Who we work with

Keypath Education has partnered with universities across Asia Pacific and North America for the past 8 years to help over 30,000 students on their online learning journey. In Australia, we partner with 6 universities to help deliver 50+ online postgraduate courses in nursing, health and social care. 

Free to use

GlobalHealth Education is free to use. We display course grouped by degree type, i.e. Masters, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate. When you enquire from this site, you are doing so directly with your chosen university's online enrolment team. Your data is not shared with other universities.


Meet the GlobalHealth Education team

Dr Vivienne Mak

Dr Vivienne Mak
Director, Health & Clinical Programs

Vivienne is a a clinical education expert, healthcare professional and pharmacist with extensive Australian and international education experience. She is passionate about the role practitioners play in educating the next generation of healthcare professionals and is committed to helping solve the Australian health workforce crisis through education, advocacy and innovation.

Co Edwards

Courtney Edwards

Courtney Edwards has 4+ years experience in writing, editing and publishing. Her academic background is in communications and she has previously worked in travel and lifestyle media. Courtney specialises in writing and publishing content that helps consumers make better decisions.

LJ McDonald

LJ McDonald
Website Manager

LJ has worked in Australian higher education for over 15 years. LJ has worked on designing and marketing quality online degrees that meet industry need and provide access to people wherever they are. For the last couple of years, supporting the development of innovative health and clinical degree programs, has become her passion.

JD Headshot

JD Myers
Technology Manager

JD Myers is technology leader and integrations specialist with over 15+ years experience developing web applications. JD has a passion for web accessibility and is a huge proponent of universal design and automated testing. In addition to pushing the limits of our tech stack, he is responsible for ensuring compliance with international regulations.

Nick face

Nick Rumpff
Content Strategy

Nick Rumpff has a degree in Business, and has spent the last 10+ years working on websites that cover topics from education & health, to the latest tech reviews. He loves creating websites and content that help consumers make better and more informed decisions.

Jason Blakemore face

Jason Blakemore
Director of Digital Marketing

Jason is a digital media expert. He is passionate about putting the right product or service in front of people when they want to know about it. He has spent the last 5 years helping universities acquire quality students for online programs through understanding and implementing the most up-to-date ethical digital marketing techniques.