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At GlobalHealth Education, we connect prospective students with our partner universities who support their education journey from enrolment to graduation. The courses listed on GHE are healthcare and social services programs available via Australian universities.

GHE's placement network

GHE's placement team helps facilitate placements for healthcare and social services students. We connect placement sites and agencies with healthcare and social services students from multiple universities across Australia who need to complete placement hours to graduate. To date, we have secured placements for hundreds of students connecting them to industry experience and future employment opportunities. Our placement team carefully pairs each student with a suitable placement site or agency. A dedicated placement team member handles all communication from the placement site or agency, including corresponding paperwork and administration tasks associated with the student placement. This process includes a comprehensive consideration of each student’s individual career aspirations, their geographical location and other commitments. This approach provides a valuable learning experience for our students. It also ensures that placement sites and agencies and their supervisors benefit from a mutually enriching partnership, ultimately enhancing the overall student and agency placement experience.

GHE’s partnerships

GHE is currently partnered with six universities across Australia including the University of Canberra, Edith Cowan University, Victoria University, James Cook University, University of Technology Sydney and Southern Cross University. Our current placement partners are Edith Cowan University for their Master of Counselling program and the University of Canberra for their Master of Counselling and Master of Social Work (Qualifying) programs.

How our university partners support students

Student Enrolment Advisor

  • Helps students find a course that matches their goals
  • Determines if a prospective student meets course entry requirements
  • Assists students with submitting their application

Student Success Advisor

  • Helps students settle into their course
  • Checks in with students throughout their course
  • Connects students with support resources

Placement Team

  • Handles all communication and paperwork for students
  • Assists students with matching and securing a place to complete their field education or placement hours
  • Ensures students are set up to succeed in their field education or placement and complete the required hours



No, field education or placement agreements are between the placement site or agency and university partners. GlobalHealth Education placement team facilitates the agreement process on behalf of the university partner.

GlobalHealth Education placement team provides the placement sites or agencies with one point of contact to a stream of diverse students from multiple universities across Australia. Our dedication to streamlining the field education or placement experience for supervisors is what sets us apart from the rest.

Yes, placement sites or agencies will receive students from all of our university partners if suitable. Factors including geographical location, course requirements, experience level and placement hours will be considered when placing students.

The time commitment to host a student on placement varies and is dependent on the program the student is completing the placement for. For example, in a counselling program, it ranges from 105 hours (graduate diploma) to 200-220 hours (master’s).

  1. Send an email to us with your contact details and your interest to host Master of Counselling or Master of Social Work (Qualifying) students for placements at
  2. A GlobalHealth Education placement team member will get in touch with you to discuss the availability of your site or agency to host students for the term of placement or in the future.
  3. The placement team will then carefully pair screened students that meet your requirements to your placement site or agency and interviews will be organised.
  4. You will then interview the student (if required) to determine suitability.
  5. Once agreed, the placement team facilitates the affiliation agreement or paperwork process needed on behalf of the university partner to finalise the placement.

The placement team screens every student for their eligibility to undertake a field education or placement including compliance requirements as part of their course. Students are screened on their individual career aspirations, geographical location and other commitments. They are then carefully paired with a suitable placement site or agency. In some instances, interviews will be arranged between the student and the placement site or agency.

Each course has objectives that students must complete to pass their placement hours. You will be provided details as part of the onboarding process.

We encourage ongoing relationships. However, there are no requirements for the frequency of taking on students. GHE and placement students understand the time and effort involved with taking on a student for placement. Please let us know your availability and our placement team will work with you on the best times to host students on placements.

Preceptors and supervisors are highly valuable in the education space. You can take on students who likely already have experience in the industry and have been educated by reputable academics and universities. Not only will you be contributing to the careers of healthcare professionals, but you will also be giving back to the industry.

If you are looking for new employees, taking on placement students is an ideal way to meet new professionals who could fill the shoes of open job vacancies.

If you are passionate about nurturing the next generation of professionals and are interested in hosting students on placement or serving as a supervisor, we invite you to take the next step. Please email us at to express your interest and join us in creating valuable learning experiences. Your support can make a meaningful impact on the future of aspiring individuals in your field.