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The GlobalHealth Education (GHE) website is owned and operated by Keypath Education Australia Pty Ltd (Keypath). 
As at the date of this notice, the GHE website displays courses from the following University partners: Edith Cowan University, James Cook University, Southern Cross University, University of Canberra, University of Technology Sydney and Victoria University (University Partners). Not all courses offered by each University Partner are displayed on the GHE website, and the GHE website does not display courses from all possible universities.

The GHE website and related services are designed to provide prospective students with the opportunity to access general information regarding multiple healthcare courses and providers in one location, as well as to provide industry, education and professional information that is relevant to those studying, practising, or considering study or work in a relevant healthcare field.  
The GHE website and related services also provide a platform for University Partners to showcase their relevant courses alongside other universities and to a broader audience.

The GHE website does not display all university courses in the market, and the courses that are displayed may change from time to time. Currently, we list a selection of 50+ health courses from 6 providers. We endeavour to make the course information as comprehensive as we can, while still being easy to follow, including by using filter and sort options so that website users can generate the results most suitable for them.

We are committed to making the services we offer through the GHE website freely available to consumers.
We have commercial relationships with all of the University Partners whose courses are displayed on the GHE website, including receiving payments from University Partners as a revenue share or a fee for service for some or all of the following: marketing and lead generation, student recruitment and admission support, course delivery, student support and retention services. 
These commercial relationships, including the amount and type of payment we receive, do not affect the display of results on the GHE website. 

Courses are displayed based on the course categories you select and/or the course search filters that you apply. 
The display order is not influenced by the commercial arrangements we have with the University Partners. Website users can change the sort order and/or filter courses on the GHE website to suit their preferences. The default order of the results displayed in search results is by duration (long to short).

The site includes articles which contain relevant course information within the body of the article. At the end of some articles, there may be a list of courses. These are ordered by course level from lowest to highest e.g. Graduate Certificate to Master's.

The order of courses displayed on the GHE website should not be interpreted as having any particular meaning, or indicating a recommendation of any particular University or course.

Entry into a particular course is not guaranteed and is subject to the relevant University Partner’s entry requirements.

The information displayed on the GHE website is general in nature, for information purposes only, and does not take into account a prospective student’s individual circumstances.  Keypath and the University Partners hold no responsibility for a prospective, current, discontinued or graduated student’s decision to apply to, or enrol in, a particular University Partner course.  

While Keypath endeavours to provide accurate information on the GHE website, Keypath does not warrant that the content of the GHE website is current, accurate or complete.